The Fighter Verses™ Study

Set One Resources 

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The Fighter Verses Discussion Guide, Set One

The Fighter Verses Discussion GuideFor Fathers, Small Group Leaders, Teachers, or Individuals

The Discussion Guide includes 52 lessons, each based on a verse or short passage. Lessons include an introduction to the context of the verse and two or three parts looking at different sections of the text. Each part includes questions that will lead you to a better understanding of the verses. These can be answered personally or discussed in a group. At the end of each part are application questions, prayer points, and an encouragement to journal and memorize the verse.

Note: The Discussion Guide includes suggested answers to the questions in the right-hand margin as well as teaching prompts for fathers, small group leaders, or teachers.

The Fighter Verses Study Guide, Set One

The Fighter Verses Study GuideFor Study Participants or Individuals

The Study Guide includes the same main content for each of the 52 lessons found in the Discussion Guide. The Study Guide helps participants in a family or small group study ponder and understand each week’s Scripture passage through guided questions which can be answered personally and discussed as a group.

Note: The Study Guide does NOT include the suggested answers to the discussion questions or teaching prompts. Individuals using the study on their own may choose from either the discussion or study guide, depending on whether or not they want the suggested answers to the discussion questions.

The Fighter Verses Quarterly Study

Quarterly StudyA 13-Week Discussion or Study Guide Option

Are you looking for a shorter study for a Bible study or summer Sunday school class? Are you curious what The Fighter Verses Study would look like for your family devotion time but are uncertain about committing to a full year? The Quarterly Study option take the exact same content from the 52-week discussion and study guides and breaks them down into four 13-week parts. Each part is an independent study that can be done by itself or as a series.

The Fighter Verses Journal, Set One

The Fighter Verses JournalTo Record Your Reflections, Insights, and Action Steps

Use the Journal in your personal quiet time with the Lord to reflect on the Fighter Verses and record truths that have made an impact on your life, actions steps you want to take, or how God is using the verses you memorize in your everyday life. The Journal sets aside two pages for each passage and includes the verse written out along with a short paragraph to explain the verse or challenge you as you study.

Note: The Journal can be used as an extension of The Fighter Verses Study or by individuals who are simply memorizing the Fighter Verses and want to incorporate it into their personal devotional times.

The Fighter Verses Coloring Book, Set One

The Fighter Verses Coloring BookFor Children Ages 2 – 102

The Coloring Book gives children of all ages a visual representation of each of the 52 verses along with a key truth statement to focus on. This is a great resource to help younger children engage during a family or group discussion of the study and it encourages them memorize the verse along with the whole family. These original illustrations include a blend of powerful Bible stories brought to life; children in real-life, modern-day moments; and beautiful nature scenes.

Note: The Coloring Book can be used alongside The Fighter Verses Study, by children memorizing Fighter Verses, or by itself as an encouraging, Bible-based coloring resource for children.




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