The Fighter Verses Study

The Fighter Verses™ Study

Equipping You to Fight the Fight of Faith

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Do you long to have the Word of God engraved on your soul?
Do you long to be instructed, guided, counseled, corrected, and convicted by Scripture?
Do you long to have your worldview shaped by the Word and not by the world?
Memorizing and studying the Word makes it possible to meditate on the Word, which carries the potential of shaping our thinking and affections.

The Fighter Verses Study is a year-long devotional for families, small groups, classes, and individuals. These Fighter Verses have been specifically chosen to help believers “fight the fight of faith.” As you study and memorize theses verses, they will inform, instruct, guide, strengthen, and comfort the soul through the daily struggles and joys of life.

May you, your family, or your small group discover the joy of mining the Word of God and learn together to observe, interpret, and personally apply it. And may God’s Word be imprinted on your mind and firmly established in your heart.

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View Scope & Sequence: The Fighter Verses Study, Set 1

“Are you in need of serious combat assistance in the fight of faith? Grab a few believers and work your way through The Fighter Verses Study. The Scripture memory plan called Fighter Verses was a powerful weapon by itself. Now, with this new supplementary study, air and ground support have arrived in full force. The discussion guide is clear and practical, making it immediately useful in family devotions and in small group discussions. Even young children can participate thanks to the excellent coloring book resource. The church needs both the Word and one another, and The Fighter Verses Study combines both. You don’t have to fight the good fight alone. Call in reinforcements.”

—David King, Senior Pastor, Concord Baptist Church



The Fighter Verses program was developed by Truth78 and The Fighter Verses Study products may be purchased through Truth78.