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Bible Memory Encouragement from Desiring God

Articles and Sermons from John Piper

TitleType of Resource
How do you memorize Scripture?Ask Pastor John
Hold Fast to the Word and Pray for UsSermon
I Will Meditate on All Your Work and Muse on Your DeedsSermon
Learning to Pray in the Spirit and the Word, Part 1Sermon
Open My Eyes That I May SeeSermon
Pray Without CeasingSermon
Praying from the Fullness of the WordSermon
Receive with Meekness the Implanted WordSermon
Sweeter than Honey, Better than GoldSermon
The Word of God Abides in You, and You Have Overcome the Evil OneSermon
Use the Inspired Scriptures to Rejoice in HopeSermon
Wonderful Things From Your WordSermon
O That You Might Be Strong Like a Tree!Article
Where Can You Find Something That Is… Article
Memorizing Scripture: Why and HowArticle
Ten Reasons to Memorize Big Chunks of the BibleBlog Post
Practical Tips for Bible MemoryAudio
How can I make time for the Bible?Ask Pastor John
How can parents help their kids memorize the Bible?Ask Pastor John
How do you avoid forgetting Scripture that you've memorized?Ask Pastor John
How do you choose what Bible passages to memorize?Ask Pastor John
What can we do practically to help set our minds on heavenly things?Ask Pastor John
Why do you emphasize Bible reading and prayer so much?Ask Pastor John
To Live Upon God that Is InvisibleBiography
Avoiding Sexual SinConference
Strategies for Fighting Sexual SinConference
All Scripture Is Breathed Out by God and ProfitableSermon
Holding Fast to the Word of Life in 2010Sermon
How God's Word Produces Our WorkSermon
How to Receive the Word of Man as the Word of GodSermon
If My Words Abide In YouSermon
In These Last Days, God Has Spoken by a SonSermon
Jesus Christ Is an Advocate for SinnersSermon
Learning to Pray in the Spirit and the Word, Part 2Sermon
Let What You Heard from the Beginning Abide in YouSermon
Meditate on the Word of the Lord Day and NightSermon
Raising Children Who Hope in the Triumph of GodSermon
Thy Word I Have Treasured in My HeartSermon
Monday Morning Meditation on ThirstArticle
"Please Feed Me More!"Article
What Pipers Do On VacationArticle
Why Memorize Scripture?Article
Will We Love Christ Savingly at the End of 1999?Article