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Utilize Small Groups and Sunday School

Because most corporate worship settings can be an intimidating place to do memory accountability, encourage small groups and Sunday School classes to make Scripture memory and accountability part of their weekly program.

For some people, the thought of reciting Scripture from memory in a corporate worship setting is intimidating or even paralyzing. Beyond that, it is an impractical setting for individual recitation and accountability. However, small groups and Sunday school classes provide an ideal setting to work on Scripture memory.

Small Groups

As you begin your church-wide memory program, take time to meet with and encourage small group leaders in Bible memory efforts. Incorporating Bible memory into a small group setting may be as easy as pairing people off to recite to each other. Or, groups could take time to work on memorizing together, going around the circle reciting the verse until it is done from memory.

Small Groups may also consider using The Fighter Verses Study in their group. The Study not only encourages memorization of the verses, but allows groups to study the verses they are memorizing and apply them to their lives.

Sunday School Classes

Especially for children, Sunday schools classes are an ideal place to have verses recited and memorization tracked. The Bible Memory Chart for Sunday School is a free template churches can use to help teachers record each student’s progress so that incentives are awarded at the proper time. Once again, Bible memory can be done in an informal discussion time, as part of the Sunday morning lesson, as part of prayer time, or as an additional activity.

When children reach levels of achievement, you may want to make the presentation of incentive awards part of the Sunday morning program. This presentation should be conducted in a way that draws attention to God’s goodness in helping the student memorize, and the blessing of memorizing God’s Word. You may want to include a special time of Scripture reading and prayer as part of it.  Use the occasion to remind students of the importance of Bible memory and to encourage students to keep memorizing.