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Keep Bible Memory in the Forefront

Keep the verse of the week in front of everyone through the means of corporate worship: put it on the church bulletin or newsletter; ask a volunteer to recite it in the morning announcements; pray it during the worship service; sing it during the worship service; and, when possible, tie it into the sermon for the morning.

It is easy to generate excitement for Bible memory when you are just starting the program or at the beginning of a new year. However, you will want to think of ways to keep Bible memory as an important priority throughout the year. One way to do this is to keep the Fighter Verses consistently in front of the congregation.

  • Add the Fighter Verse of the week to your church bulletin, and draw attention to it. People can take it with them, cut it out, and put it in a prominent place. Also, it helps keep everyone on the same memory timeline.
  • Ask for a willing volunteer to recite the Bible verse of the week during your Sunday morning service announcements. If the volunteer trips or blanks when trying to say the verse, help him or encourage others to help him, emphasizing that it is not about getting it perfect, but being willing to try. For the first few weeks, you may need to ask other pastors or elders who are willing to recite and lead the way in this.
  • Pray the Fighter Verse during the worship service. This could either be prayed as a general request for the congregation, or incorporated into a specific prayer request for an individual or event.
  • Sing it during the worship service. Some of these verses have been set to music in such a way as to make memorizing them easier. Incorporate these songs into your morning worship, both as a way to memorize and as a way to review.
  • If you have time in your service, have a pastor or elder introduce the verse for the coming week and spend a few minutes leading a short devotions time, explaining the verse or suggesting ways the verse can be applied.
  • When applicable, use it as the text for the Sunday morning sermon, or the Wednesday evening teaching. This will not only help people understand the verse better, but also why it is important to memorize.
  • Post the current Fighter Verse on your church website every week. Feel free to link to the fighterverses.com blog post for the week.
  • Set up a church e-mail address and invite participants to share encouraging stories about how God has been at work in the lives of his people through Bible memory.


Publishing Fighter Verses

We encourage you to publish the Fighter Verses on your website or in your church resources in order to encourage your congregation to memorize Scripture. Please cite or link to fighterverses.com whenever possible.