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Equip and Educate Participants

Many people, particularly adults, may think that Scripture memorization is beyond them. It is important to come alongside these people and encourage their participation by helping them find memory strategies that work for them. Also, provide parents with suggestions as to how they can make Bible memory a whole-family habit.

Never assume that people know how to memorize Bible verses.

Many people tend to think that any memory work is something to be done in childhood, when the mind is young and fast. One of the most important tasks in a church-wide memory program is to help adults realize that Bible memory work is not too hard for them. The key in this is helping individuals find memory strategies that work for them. Since not everyone memorizes in the same way, it can be helpful to have different people share the strategies that work for them.

The following documents have some tips for how to memorize:

If you are providing your congregation with a Memory Schedule Bookmark, consider putting tips for memory on the other side.

Also, encourage people to memorize with others. This is a great time to build biblical friendships through memory accountability. As much as possible, ask each person to find a partner for review and accountability. This should be a trusted friend or acquaintance (of the same gender) that they can call or meet with on a weekly basis for the purpose of reciting the memory verse as well as praying together for help with Bible memory. Adding this weekly, relational aspect into Bible memory can help motivate people to persevere with it and provide a system for practical encouragement.

Lastly, recognize that people memorize at a different pace. The main goal of doing a program is not numbers, but enjoying the blessing that comes from memorizing God’s Word and feeding on day by day. Some people will be able to learn more than one passage a week. Others will take two weeks to learn one passage. Encourage both to persevere with the prayer that God will sustain and bless their efforts to memorize and to meditate on His Word.