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Build Strategic Partnerships

One of the most crucial factors to the success of church-wide memory is the support of the church’s pastors and elders. The pastors play a key role in communicating the significance of Bible memory through announcements, sermons, articles, and examples.

Before beginning any church-wide campaign, it is crucial to have the approval and support of the pastoral staff and elders of the church. This is especially true when it comes to Bible memory, as the example of the pastors and elders in memorizing Scripture can be a valuable encouragement to the rest of the congregation.

Therefore, we recommend you present the Fighter Verse materials and your proposal to your pastors for their prayerful consideration and approval, well in advance of your requested start date. This will give pastors and elders ample time to look through the materials, discuss the idea, and pray about the church’s involvement. It should also give them time to consider their own Scripture memory commitment and involvement.

There are many tangible ways that the pastors/elders can lead the congregation in the desire and practice of Bible memory:

  • Recite Bible passages from memory to the congregation, providing an example to the congregation of Bible memory.
  • During the Sunday morning announcements, ask for a volunteer to recite the weekly memory verse. If no one volunteers, ask another pastor or elder to try to recite the verse.
  • Preach a sermon specifically on Bible memory at the start of each program year.
  • Write church newsletter articles or blog entries on testimonies or strategies concerning Bible memory.
  • Hold a Kick-Off at the beginning of your Bible memory program.