To Strengthen Your Hope and Increase Your Love

| Mon, Sep 12, 2011 | Set 1 Week 37

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Often one of the things that keeps us from loving others is that we doubt God’s ability and inclination to care for us. In unbelief, we think, “If we are generous toward others, nobody will provide for our own needs.”

This verse, by the power of the Spirit, is given to you to strengthen your hope in God and increase your love for others. Just reflect on the implications of the words “all and “every in this verse.

First, notice that God is powerful to make “all grace” abound to you. God is not poor in his grace toward us, but being rich in grace he is able to give us grace overflowing.

Second, out of the fullness of his grace, God will provide us with “all sufficiency.” In other words, since God is rich in grace, you ought to be confident that he will care for you. Since, Christ died for you, you know that God will graciously give you all that you need (cf. Romans 8:32).

Third, this enablement from God is not just occasional but “at all times.” Even at times when you have little resources, God can be relied upon to provide what you need.

And finally, note the “every.” God’s purpose in all this enabling grace to you is that you may have excessive grace that is overflowing in “every” good work of love for other people.


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