Our Firm and Living Hope

| Wed, Jun 22, 2011 | Set 1 Week 25

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Imagine that you were going to write a letter to a close friend that
you knew was undergoing an extremely trying set of circumstances. What
would you write?  How would you start the letter?  Would you open with
expresions of sympathy — or would you give practical pieces of advice
for how to endure hardship?

Peter begins his letter with worship. Why would this be an appropriate
way to open the letter? Peter reminds them to focus on the greatness
of their salvation. Their salvation originated with God because he
caused them to be born again. He will also finish what he began and
keep them until the end. Ponder how securely believers stand in the
grace of God. He keeps their inheritance secure for them and he keeps
them by his power so that they will receive the inheritance.

This picture provides a secure basis for hope that lies outside the
flux of changing circumstances. This hope rests on the resurrection of
Jesus. This hope is a living hope because our Savior lives. The empty
tomb conclusively proves that Jesus has already vanquished death — the
last enemy. That is why biblical hope is not wishful thinking (I hope
it does not rain). Biblical hope is a firm and unwavering assurance in
what God will do based on his promise and the evidence of what he has
already done.

Are these words from Peter of any practical benefit? Much in every
way. Peter commands them to prepare their minds for action in verse
13. What should they think about?  The greatness of the salvation
described in these verses. This is the best advice for us today as
well. Let us take our eyes off of what is temporary and passing and
sit down and think about the eternal weight of glory that awaits us in

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