“His Riches in Glory”

| Sat, Sep 29, 2012 | Set 2 Week 39

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Notice the phrase, “his riches in glory in Christ Jesus” (Philippians 4:19). Consider the depth of what Paul is saying. . .

God possess riches of glory. It is not just that he is glorious, not merely that he’s important. His glory is rich. It is bountiful and desirable and precious. It’s real. It is the legitimate end and basis to all of God’s acts. He does all that he does, including supply what we need, because of his glory, for the sake of his glory.

And more specifically, his glory is in Christ Jesus. Don’t think it is generic or plain. Don’t think of glory as some abstract blob. It is precise and sharp and direct. God’s supply will come through his Son. The riches of the glory of God are seen most vividly in the death and resurrection of Jesus for sinners. And the riches of the glory of God are experienced most fully when Jesus dwells in our hearts through faith (Ephesians 3:16–17).

So as we go forth, as we hope in God for our daily bread, for our every need, let us know that his supply comes to us according to these riches. According to the riches of his glory in the Lord Jesus Christ, our Savior and all.


24 Responses to ““His Riches in Glory””

  1. Lachina Says:

    I just had a WOW moment with God. He spoke this to me in my prayer. So I researched the scripture and found this post. O…you just blessed me with more understanding of how important his word is…Thank you Jesus ? ?

  2. psy. mike Audu Says:

    this is awesome

  3. Tomeko Says:

    Hallelujah and amen!! Thank You for the breakdown for my understanding God Bless!!

  4. Rodney Says:

    I was listening to this verse being spoken and then it struck me like lighting! I realized more of what this meant and it was just like you said. Not just some abstraction that is foggy but the cross is the clearest picture of the apex of Gods glory. And behind that glory is grace. And that grace by Christ Jesus. I want to know more and more the grace of God through faith!

  5. daryl walters Says:

    Sorry still Dont understand pse explain…am just a struggling Christian desiring to know my purpose

    • Aida Barreto Says:

      GOD fulfilling needs thru Jesus because
      If it wasn’t because of Jesus sacrifice, we couldn’t
      Receive any blessings.

    • S. Nichols Says:

      I received this from another site…

      “So in the same measure you give the words [Word of God] and trust Christ will be measured back to you”

    • LaMont Says:

      Daryl, understand that Jesus Christ loves you and gave His life so that you can keep yours. This love and affection He has for you, He received from His father to give to you. Your purpose, as well as all of ours is to live our lives in the connection of gratitude to that love.

      Life is fulfilled when the object of our gratitude and love is directed higher than ourselves. People are truly fulfilled whenever they give themselves to something greater than themselves…in our case, that greater is Jesus Christ.

    • Barbara Says:

      I am a seasoned saint of God and I don’t understand it all either but I thank you for saying that you didn’t understand. And I know that God is excited that you are excited about him and want to know more about him so don’t feel strange that you don’t understand just know that you’re on the right path which is seeking knowledge and seeking to know who our Father is. The Bible says that understanding comes from God and in all of your getting get an understanding. So keep your pursuit of knowledge and wisdom. And never be ashamed of not knowing a whole lot of us don’t know.

      • Susan Long Says:

        Praise God ! Yes the more we seek Him the more He will open the eyes of our understanding. Then it will be one revalation after another & When that happens it’s so Very exciting. I guess just to know that you know that God is working in our lives. To me every answered prayer , every touch from God is like a high ! I don’t believe there is any drug or drink or anything in this world at all like the high you get when your walking with The Lord. It’s an Awesome beautiful thing. Don’t know, we could read the Bible from cover to cover many times and not ever touch it all. Each time we may get a new understanding but then what you thought you knew God will show you something completely different! It is an Amazing Journey…..God Bless Everyone of you with Love in Christ, Susan

      • Regina Says:

        Thank you!

  6. Ruth Cheney Says:

    Gives me hope and comfort!

  7. Scott Richards Says:

    I was,sittings here thinking that his riches and glory are spiritual a lot of people think it is,tangible what’s your insight

    • Wanda Says:

      It is both, spiritual to walk you through every situation to victory. It is also tangible. For all your financial needs to be met as well, when you stick with Him.

  8. rosie ORourke Says:

    After many years with our Lord I can say for sure that is bith personal experience is the best way to know that u know not just in your head but down in ur soul
    God bless

  9. W.H. Nunn Says:

    Thank you so much! God Bless.

  10. pastor. George O.Bumie Says:

    Wel,I will like to say thank you for the word.if we will receive this riches,we need to receive Christ first. Even in the text, Paul said, through Christ Jesus. And john 14:6,also make it clear. So,all we need to do,is to live faithfully for God. God bless you and increase you more in His grace.

  11. navywife Says:

    Hallelujah. Thank you for breaking for my understanding. “Praise God

  12. Racheal Gironda Says:

    His riches are unfathomable, tangible and spiritual.

  13. KA Says:

    I really needed to understand this bible verse because I have been struggling financially for two years now and I feel like I can’t get above the bills. I’ve been praying for help from the Lord! I just need help.

  14. Pamela Parrish Says:

    I’m with you. I am struggling to understand this verse as well. Philippians 4:19. Please enlighten me if you come to an understanding. God bless you.

  15. Patricia Says:

    God will meet your need, have you searched your heart and repented over things? Ask God to search your heart and forgive you for anything in it that’s not right, then bring your petition before him and believe he will meet the need. Even if it means your lights got turned off and your believing for them to be paid. Don’t dout, just sit in the dark and jeep believing he’s going to come threw, and he will. The key is to believe and not dout even in the dark!sometimes we get our needs meet even in the dark. Remember search your heart first and repent.then your needs will be meet ( only believe)

  16. Dorothy Says:

    It is tangible and spiritual. First natural the spirit. Most of Jesus parable are first natural then spirit. He want us to have understanding

  17. Audrey Says:

    Thanks, for the WISDOM!