Change to NIV Fighter Verses & Closeout Sale

| Mon, Dec 28, 2015 | Week

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Change to NIV Fighter Verses

It has been a wonderful privilege to encourage you since 1997 to hide God’s Word in your heart through the Fighter Verse Bible memory program.

On January 1st, 2016, Children Desiring God will update all of the Fighter Verses resources in the New International Version (NIV) from the NIV1984 version to the NIV2011 translation. Due to restrictions from the publisher, we can no longer offer the 1984 NIV version after December 31. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause you.

Closeout Sale: NIV1984 Print Resources

The NIV1984 Fighter Verses, Extended Verses and Foundation Verses packs will be available from Children Desiring God through December 31, 2015 (while supplies last)! Save 20% off these resources by using the coupon code NIV84 when ordering.

New print resources featuring NIV2011 will be available in early January.

The Fighter Verses App

NIV2011 will replace NIV1984 verses in our Fighter Verses App in the next couple weeks.  This change will show up on your smartphone or tablet the next time you update your app from iTunes or Google Play.

We know changing or updating translations can be difficult when memorizing. We pray this change will not deter you from the wonderful discipline of Bible memory.  Memorizing the Word is crucial to our fight of faith. Consider just a few amazing realities of God’s Word:

Every Word of God proves trueProv 30:5
God watches over his Word to perform itJer 1:12
God’s Word never returns emptyIs 55:11
God’s Word is truthPs 199:160
God’s Word is sharper than a two-edged swordHeb 4:12
People are saved by God’s WordJam 1:18
People are sanctified by God’s WordJohn 17:17
People have joy through God’s Word
Ps 119:14
God’s Word will remain forever
Is 40:8
The Word became flesh and dwelt among us
John 1:14

At this time, all Children Desiring God NIV curriculum will remain in the 1984 version. Curriculum and Fighter Verses resources in the English Standard Version (ESV) will not be effected by this change.

4 Responses to “Change to NIV Fighter Verses & Closeout Sale”

  1. Tom G Says:

    I find this very frustrating. I realize that it is the decision of the publisher and not Fighter Verses, but as I have been memorizing with the NIV 1984 for the past twenty years, this is just wrong. I can no longer use Fighter Verses for my review of all the verses that I have memorized over the years in NIV84. Unfortunately, if I can’t make this work, I regret that I will have to stop using FV, which I find to be an excellent tool for memorization. The Word of God is God’s, not a publisher’s – how do they think they have a right to make decisions like this? Pushing the recent update of NIV seems like nothing more than a marketing ploy to me.


    • Brian Eaton Says:

      Dear Tom (and all the faithful who’ve memorized using NIV1984),

      I’m really sorry and I definitely understand your frustration. The Word is life. And for those (like you) who’ve committed it to memory, there has been a significant investment of time for this discipline. To have your translation removed from the tool that has assisted you in memorizing is frustrating. I’m very sorry that we were unable to continue with it. It was our desire to keep the NIV1984 in the Fighter Verses App…and we held out as long as we could.

      While we are no longer able to include the NIV1984 in the Fighter Verses App, users are free to manually enter passages in any translation into their app. Please contact us at if you need further assistance with this.

      May the Lord direct your steps as you determine your best plan for continued memorization.

      Proclaiming His Glory to the Next Generation,

      Brian Eaton
      Executive Director


  2. fretah g. Says:

    Hello staff,

    Google led me to your site. Excited to embrace memorizing scripture as a life style.

    When would the new NIV formats will be available for sale on the website?

    Thank you.
    from CA.


    • Rachel Golias Says:

      Hi Fretah,
      We are so glad to hear you are excited about Scripture memorization. We are working with are warehouse to get some materials back in stock as quickly as possibly so we can release the Fighter Verses pack and Extended Verses pack in NIV2011. Be sure to look for updates in the next few weeks. In the mean time, you can view the list of the verses or consider downloading the Fighter Verses app for iPhone or Android.


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